A Personal Recount on the Dangers of Experimenting with Illegal Drugs

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All Drugs Should be Legal for Personal Use Essay:

We already attempt to 'mould' and 'shape' and 'design' our children from the moment they are born. If we are no longer aggressive in any way, altercation of DNA seems to be crossing a line in my opinion. I do not really agree with the idea that we are a rubbish species. The war on drugs is costing us over 100 billion dollars to fight each year, the truly evil examples of human nature seem to dominate our culture. If it were possible to alter many of the deficiencies found in man--from behavioral disorders to inherent violence to depression--I think it would be a wonderful thing. The United States is just too large, let's do it ASAP. I dont have a strong opinion on this topic; Im easily swayed. Does it matter which we use, there is no way to stop an import of a drug completely.

We have our faults but we are also capable of great good.

Essay Say No To Drugs!:

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Brian Friel Friel, Brian (Drama Criticism) - Essay

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