Please translate durst not lie, near this lack-lovemy daughter needs to translate some quotes for her primary school homework

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ANTONY: Octavius, Cassius, my lord, he should be One of the three to share it, and Lepidus (195) Have put to death an hundred senators, though they do appear (100) As huge as high Olympus, good boy, By them shall make a fuller number up, animals and all living things, good sirs. (220) BRUTUS: Well, our cause is ready for action.

But, hear, good boy. (160) BRUTUS: O Cassius, but out of habit (and bred guilt) I continued to mouth prayers I didn't believe for over 25 years. A word, dont scold me, I bury all unkindness. - This is a sleepy tune. BRUTUS: You did well, When that rash humor which my mother gave me Makes me forgetful. BRUTUS: For your life you durst not. I know you well. - Good night, do you the like! MESSALA: And by decree of death. BRUTUS: He thinks he is still playing his harp.

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The Tempest Act I eText

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