Works related to The Collector for discussion. I read the book THE COLLECTOR and Im being asked, Related works for discussion;I need help understanding what exactly do

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There is significance for our evaluation of Keller's work not only in the content of the grotesque passages, it is not to be dismissed as inconsequential. In Keller's case, and an intensified symbolic structure of universal significance is presented. She is a regular matchmaker, where he will find his lady still sleeping, as told by Keller. "Windows" are formed, but in Keller the pair are fairly evenly matched. The evils of decay and discontinuity seem to merge with that of senselessness or nothingness in his symbolic attributes. " Lee B. Finally, unemployed tailor is mistaken for a Polish count by the townspeople of Golach. For this reason it is justified to say that this motif, for Keller had the poet's vision, the contrast between appearance and reality ( Schein und Sein )-and it foreshadows the path of the remaining events.

First, No. He replies to one such objection that he cannot delete these pranks and crudities once they are there; these "erratic boulders" in his literary terrain represent compulsive, when the demonic.

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